Club Officials


President: Don Everton
Vice President: Karen Fisher

Secretary: Carolyn McCormick Smith

Treasurer: Diane Layton-Smith

Honorary Vice Presidents:

Mrs Tessa Abbott
Mrs Pauline Kendall
Mr Harry Kendall
Mrs Christina Ormsby
Mr Brian Pether

Welfare Officer: Jacqueline O’Curry

Breed Health Coordinator: John Davies

Yearbook Editors: Vacancy

Newsletter Editor: Diana Klein

Trophy Steward: Mark Layton-Smith


Chair: Karen Fisher
Anna Freegard (co-opted)
Ben Freegard (co-opted)
Helena Haywood
Jane Hepburn (co-opted)
Diana Klein
Victoria Martin
Michael McCormick Smith (co-opted)
The Secretary’s email is


The Saluki (the club magazine)

Chair: Victoria Martin
Editor: Diana Klein
Treasurer: Michael McCormick Smith
Layout: Diana Duckenfield
Distribution: Victoria Martin

Club Calendar

Helena Haywood