Judges List


A1 list
Persons who have previously been approved by the Kennel Club to award CCs in the breed, have completed their first appointment and have the support of the Breed Clubs.

Breed Specialists

Ms C Andersson, Surrey 

Miss A Barratt, Manchester 

Mrs M E Bryce-Smith Sussex

Mrs R Clark (Rhazias)  Devon 

Mrs D Copperthwaite (Alcaliphs), Hants. 

Mrs J Cotterill (Miskanda) Yorks.

Mrs K Fisher (Ruweis), Herts. 

Mrs L Fitzgerald (Dawnchase), Hants 

Mrs M Fulcher 

Mrs D Garratt (Caryna), Notts. 

Mr M Green (Zemar), Beds. 

Mrs EJ Hudson (Glenoak), Cambs.

Mrs EA Macdonald (Mabrooka), Scotland 

Mrs J M Macro (Nefisa), Devon 

Mrs J C Mahon, (Iskandraya), Suffolk 

Mrs V A McNab (Micaturra), Inverness-shire 

Mrs P Mottershaw (Elangeni), Jersey 

Mrs J Pyatt, Derbyshire 

Miss N Quadling (Malenkhai), Notts 

Mrs S Rabey-Wilkinson, Carmarthenshire. 

Mrs D Rogers (Labakan), S Yorks. 

Mrs M Sanders-Parker, (Classicus), Lincs. 

Ms C Seymour (Ismahni), Oxfordshire 

Mr AF Spencer-Bolland, Oxfordshire 

Mrs ES Stanmore (Altaya), Herts. 

Mr N Stanmore (Altaya), Herts.

Mrs A Walton Haddon (Ilsham), Notts 

Mr J Walton Haddon (Ilsham), Notts 

Mrs K Webb, Surrey 

Mrs J Wright (Saklawi), Hants 


Non-Specialist Judges

Mr C Ashmore, Lincs, 

Ms C Boggia, Kent, 

Mr M Caple, Worcs. 

Mrs C E Cartledge, Berks, 

Mr D Cavill, Wiltshire, 

Mr M Cocozza, London, 

Mrs D Cook, Lincs, 

Mrs J Cross, Somerset, 

Ms J Dove, Berks, 

Ms S Finnett 

Mrs F Hanney-Mitchell 

Mr H Heathcote, Surrey

Mr G Hill, Vale of Glamorgan 

Mrs M Holder, Kent

Mr J Horswell, W Midlands

Dr RW James, Northants. 

Mr T H Johnston Lockerbie

Mr F Kane, Cleveland

Mrs J Kay, S Yorks

Mrs D Kenis-Pordham, W. Sussex

Mrs J Knight-Messenger, Notts.

Mrs A Lancashire, S. Yorks.

Mrs P Marston-Pollock, Cumbria

Mrs E McKnight, Lanarkshire

Miss E Newton, Chesterfield 

Mrs J Pain, Carmarmarthenshire 

Mrs J Peak, Lancs, 

Mrs V Phillips, Herts, 

Mr B Reynolds-Frost. Herts,

Mr Gavin Robertson.  Oxon. 

Mr J Robertson. Lanarkshire

Mr M Sanders Sth Glamorgan

Mr RAW Searle, S. Yorks 

Mr P Singleton, Essex

D Spavin, W. Midlands

Miss J Startup, Herts.

Mrs Z Thorn-Andrews, Worcs.

Mrs S Virgo North Yorks.

Mrs R Wray Yorks.


Judges from Abroad

Mr B Bengtson, U.S.A. 

Ms L Brabyn, U.S.A. 

Dr.  F Broadway U.S.A.

Mrs B S Brodwall Norway

Ms L Brun, Spain 

Mrs C Chryssolor, U.S.A.

Mr R Doedjins Netherlands 

Mr B Duggan, U.S.A.

Mr E Engh, Norway

Mr F Farrar, U.S.A.

Mrs M Finney, Ireland, 

Mrs T Fortner-Jackson, U.S.A.

Mr A Foss Norway, 

Mr A Gjetnes Belgium.

Mrs H Graham, France.

Mr DG Graham, France.

Mrs K Hedberg, Sweden.

Ms D Hintzenberg-Freisleben, Germany.

Mrs C Hoier Denmark.

Mrs S Hohteri, Finland.

Ms S Juutilainen, Finland.

Mrs S Kinney (Issibaa.

Mrs Ute Lennartz, Germany.

Mrs C Molinari, Portugal, 

Mrs N Neswadba Germany.

Mr K Prior, Australia, 

Ms S Sakson, U.S.A.

Mrs L Scanlon, USA 

Dr A P Segersven Finland, 

Mrs C Smith, Australia, 

Mrs D Stansfield (Ishieya), Australia, 

Ms C Tipler New Zealand.

Mr A P J M van den Broek, Netherlands, 

Mrs R van Michelen-Reyniers, Belgium, 

Mr I Veal (Kharoun) France.


A2 List

 Persons who fulfil all the requirements for the A3 list, who have been assessed in accordance with Kennel Club requirements and accepted by the Kennel Club for inclusion on an A2 list,and have the support of the Breed Clubs.



A3 List

Persons who meet the criteria to award CCs in the breed but have not yet done so and who have the support of the Breed Clubs.

Breed Specialists

Lady R Dann Jazalle, 

Mr L Johnston


Non-Specialist Judges

Mrs J Chapman West Yorkshire, 

Miss E Millward South Yorkshire, 

Mr C Payne Brighton

Mr R Morland Lincs.

Mrs L Ward 


Judges from Abroad

Mr B Barjot, France, 

Ms S Benoit, Belgium, (Har Kala Rachi), 

Mrs Erin Brown, Australia, 

Mr W Buitenkamp, Netherlands, 

Mrs L Fairhall, Australia, 

Ms T Larkin-Cox, U.S.A.

Mr R Lindholm, Sweden, 

Mrs Ms Manley Smith, Australia, 

Mr Miller, U.S.A.

Mr Pinto Teixeira Lisbon, 

Ms CJ Potts, Australia 

Ms G Schroeter, Germany 

Mrs M Stoner, U.S.A.

Mr S Wailes, Australia.


B List

Persons who been approved by the Clubs to judge at Shows without CCs for the breed or at Open Shows.

Breed Specialists

Mrs A Cole 

Mrs A Freegard 

Mrs J Glaister 

Ms C Harrison

Mr J Johnston-White 

Mr C Lewis (Knightellington), 

Mrs S Littlechild (Ravensett) 

Ms A Main 

Mrs M Monk 

Mr J Owen 

Mrs M Smithson (Chisobee)

Mr R Thompson 

Mrs N Warner (Savuka) 


Non-Specialist Judges

Mrs E Bogart 

Mr S Burton 

Mrs A Defaye

Mrs L Hewson

Mrs L McNaughton 

Mr M Ord 

Mrs MFJ Pascoe, Hants. 

Mr D Player 

Ms S Rhodes, Kent 

Ms D Russell, E. Sussex 

Ms L Tyler-Jackson 

Mrs H Wayman 

Mr E Webster 

Ms H Woodgate 


C List

Persons who aspire to judge the breed and have the support of the Breed Clubs, but who do not qualify for the B or higher lists.

Breed Specialists

Mrs Andrea Ireson Oxfordshire 

Dr P Postma, Essex 


Non-Specialist Judges

Mrs L Aldous, E.Sussex 

Mrs P Blay, Kent. 

Mrs S Johnston 

Mr C Pascoe, Hants. 

K Piccolo Cambs. 

Mrs E Sydney 


To apply to be added to the judges list, please download, complete, and return this Judges List Application Form – Aug 22.