The Saluki magazine

The Saluki is the official magazine of the Saluki or Gazelle Hound Club and has been in existence since 1969.

The magazine aims to cover all areas of interest within the breed. Whether you are interested in showing, lure coursing, Salukis in other countries or in their land of origin, giving a home to a rescued Saluki, or just enjoy living with the breed, The Saluki has something of interest for everyone.

The Saluki is available by separate subscription. There are two issues a year and the subscription price is:

  • £10.00 U.K.
  • £13.00 Europe
  • £15.00 Rest of the World (all include postage and packaging)

    Updates from The Saluki magazine


Update from the editors July 22

The Magazine Team are currently working on the next edition of The Saluki which will be available at SGHC Championship Show in October 2022.  An integral part of The Saluki magazines over the years has been adverts featuring a variety of Saluki life events plus successes in various disciplines. All…Continue readingUpdate from the editors July 22


Note from the 2022-23 Editors

After the 2022 AGM Kathy Webb and I were approached by the SGHC Committee to edit one edition of The Saluki each in order to take the magazine through the Centennial year.  We came to the conclusion that Joint Editorship of both the 2022 and 2023 magazines would work best for…Continue readingNote from the 2022-23 Editors