Saluki Welfare Fund

The Saluki Welfare Fund is the breed rescue organisation.  It is an independent registered charity (No. 1013212) originally jointly set up by The Saluki or Gazelle Hound Club and the Northern Saluki Club. All members of both clubs are also members of the charity, and both clubs help to raise funds for the charity.

In 1993 the Saluki Welfare Fund gained Charity status. Its main objective is to care for the ever-increasing number of Salukis that require re-homing. Another important function it performs is to assist in the search for and recovery of lost and stolen Salukis.

You may be considering adopting a Saluki, or looking for a Saluki puppy in need of a new home. The Saluki Welfare Fund sometimes has puppies for re-homing as well as adult dogs. If so, the Saluki Welfare Fund has an adoption process that would need to be followed.

The initial stage of the adoption process begins with you contacting one of the Welfare Officers (listed below). They will discuss your specific situation with you over the phone. This will include, whether you have had a Saluki before, why you feel a Saluki would be right for you, what your work hours are and what other pets you may have.

If, after talking it through with them, you decide you would still like to be considered for a Saluki, a home visit will be arranged. This will usually be carried out by a Saluki owner and is an informal, friendly meeting.

If all goes well, and we are satisfied that you can offer a secure and loving home to one of our hounds, we will then talk to you about any Salukis that are currently in our care.

If we have something that would seem to be suitable, you will be invited to go and meet the Saluki, and you may be asked to take with you any other dog that you own so that they can meet on neutral territory. You will typically get the chance to have a chat, over a cup of tea, with the dog’s foster carer, when you will have an opportunity to ask questions and to learn as much as possible of what is known about your chosen Saluki.

If all parties are happy, you will then be allowed to take the Saluki home. We ask for a set adoption fee, which enables us to continue our work. If at any stage in the Saluki’s life it should become necessary to part with the dog, Saluki Welfare must be consulted.

Should you have a Saluki that you can no longer keep, please do not hesitate to contact us. Also, should you be having health or behavioural problems with your Saluki, we will assist if we possibly can.

For a detailed description of the nature of the Saluki, please check the breed pages on this site.

The Saluki Welfare Fund also has its own website.

Welfare officers

North: David Hartley, Tel: 01282 842617

South: Kathy Webb, Tel: 01737 353279 / 07858 458827

The Saluki Welfare Fund Personnel

Chair: Helena Haywood

Vice Chair / Interim Northern Warden: David Hartley

Secretary: Deb Steele

Treasurer / Interim Southern Warden: Kathy Webb

Committee: Rod Steele, Elaine Stanmore, Annette Schafer