One of the objectives of the Saluki or Gazelle Hound Club is to set up and maintain a programme of on-going education about the breed’s functional conformation and traditional work.  

To achieve this aim, the Club runs Breed Appreciation Days, which are open to anyone who wishes to gain a better understanding of the breed. The BAD is a mandatory requirement for all judges wanting to progress to Level 2 on the Kennel Club, Judges Education Programme (JEP). Only those who have achieved at least Level 1 JEP status are eligible to sit the Multiple Choice Exam offered at these events. 


Next event 2025. To be advised.

The Breed Appreciation Day is open to anyone wishing to learn more about the Saluki. Only those who have achieved at least Level 1 Judges Education Programme (JEP) status are eligible to sit the Multiple-Choice Exam. To take part in the mentoring, you must have completed the breed talk and MCE, either previously or on the day.


There will be an in-depth talk on the history of the Saluki, which is critical to understand the function and form of the breed, followed by a detailed walk through of the Breed Standard. There will be the opportunity to ask questions of handlers and breed specialists, and a number of dogs to go over informally, as well as mentoring for those who like it in the afternoon.


Please download and complete the form here: BAD BOOKING FOR SGHC . The price to attend is as follows:

BAD day only 


BAD, MCE & Mentoring

Hands-on A3 assessment only 

Payment details will be provided at booking. All of the above prices include lunch and refreshments. Please indicate specific dietary requirements.