I’m sorry to put this on you, could you as President please say something to Ann about this attack.  YET AGAIN Anna is being subjected to vile behaviour. As one of the few to manage to keep the club alive in desperate times, to have her loyalty to Salukis questioned is disgusting.
I hope for some help, and that all committee will rally round, protect Anna and each other from this abuse that seems to be constantly thrown in this direction 

B. Freegard

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For transparency.

From: AJ Freegard <mumtazsaluki@hotmail.com>
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To: cranstal31@manx.net <cranstal31@manx.net>
Subject: Re: Centennial

Please. Do you honestly think I haven’t shared the information with committee? Or that Michael hasn’t since he was copied in on most of it? As soon as the new committee formed I circulated your emails with the excel and word documents. What proof would you like? Shall I screen shot the evidence? I cannot forward the emails as they have other information on for the committee.
The logo will remain. The page has had to be deleted because the previous creator required it to be deleted.
 The logo of the new page is the same as is on the mugs? the black banner that said centennial was simply done because the centenary logo doesnt fit the the size space facebook allows for a header photo very well. 
I didn’t know there was a commitment to receive a gift from Claire. What can i say? I didn’t know. I have only just received the boxes of paperwork and found it amongst the papers. 
What loyalty haven’t I shown, Ann? What more could i have done? I missed the piece about welfare because I didn’t realise that welfare didnt know. I assumed Kathy being part of the planning meant welfare would know. 
We are writing to formally and publicly apologise to welfare, and I take full responsibility for my part in that mistake.
As for your comment that I could not cope- no, no, I can’t. I was very grateful and responded to thank you three for your efforts more than once. Why do you think your efforts have gone to waste? What makes you think we aren’t going to carry the plans you so diligently laid out, forward?
I don’t like bad feeling. Can you let me know please what i can do to dispel your belief that I have shown you no loyalty? Would you like me to publicly apologise for my errors? i can do that. I have no pride left.

From: cranstal31@manx.net <cranstal31@manx.net>
Sent: 26 May 2022 23:07
To: ‘AJ Freegard’ <mumtazsaluki@hotmail.com>
Subject: Centennial


Hi Anna,


I have just discovered the wholesale dismantling of the Saluki Memorabilia Website when I was asked to ‘rejoin’.  As a starter the previously featured logo has been replaced for some reason.  The replaced logo is unfortunately presently being featured on all merchandise items that will be available for sale at the Open Show.  I leave it to you to make the decision on how to cope with that little bit of diversity.

Just to recap!  Kathy, Helen and I were individually contacted by you straight after the AGM with a request that we undertake some duties that would have been the responsibility of the (non existent) committee.  Kathy and I also agreed to edit two editions of The Saluki as Guest Editors because you could not cope.  Because all three of us care more about the club (than about our own sanity it would turn out) we agreed and subsequently worked very hard indeed. 

You announced, early on, that you did not wish to be involved as you were overwhelmed.  Quote: ‘That’s ok, more than happy to be copied in just for reference!’  We then proceeded to give the Centennial all of our attention – as must have been obvious from the several spread sheet schedules with which you were supplied.  Updated as we went along.  You were copied in on these.

The reason for this email is that I need to know if you have at any stage since 8th May circulated to the present committee the information that you were being supplied with as and when our plans progressed?  (I believe that there has also been a problem with the inclusion of Welfare participation on the Schedule of Events.  That was also presented to you before it was included in the catalogue.  Once in the printed catalogue – then the information was always going to be in the public domain ‘as is’.)

I personally will feel very disappointed if having approached the three of us individually to complete an exercise in six weeks – that should have been started about two years ago – it turns out that none of our work and reports have been passed on to the new committee as and when received by you. (Incidentally when we asked to have any records that existed from the work of the previous committee passed on to us – we were informed that there were none to be supplied.)

The initial report was sent to you on 8th April for information.  You said that you did not wish to be involved.  On the election of the new committee the following email was sent – together with the above report on the work to that date.  We have never received a single item of feedback on this important first step – or any other.  If there were reservations about the committee’s ability to cope with the suggested events – the time for the committee (and in particular you) to state so was after the initial committee meeting.

5th May, 2022

Hi Anna,


Attached is a finalised schedule which hopefully will allow the new committee members to provide their input on our decisions for the Centennial year.  A covering letter for circulation to individual members – explaining how the three of us arrived at the decisions we made is also attached. 


I have revamped the schedule so that it can be printed out (Landscape) on A4 paper.  It prints out at 4 sheets.  I would like to suggest that it might be advisable to provide the newly elected committee members with a digital copy as well.


I wish you all well with the SGM and hope that the introduction of new blood will ensure that you can turn your attentions solely to whichever job becomes your responsibility.


With kindest regards,


It now appears, we have totally wasted our time over the last six weeks.  Time given solely in response to desperate ongoing cries for help from you with (it now appears) no follow up at all.  Our loyalty to the SGHC ensured that we would undertake the tasks allocated.  A little loyalty in return would have been a welcome gesture.









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Cc: Helen Williams <
kasaque565@gmail.com>; Kathy Webb <kathy.webb99@icloud.com>; mr.cmichaelwilliams@gmail.com
Subject: Re: Centennial




Thank you for this body of work! I will digest properly this evening, but just to point out, the judges are agreed already. 


The SSCA judge is Karin Hedburg, the SGHC judge at SCCA is Denise Garratt and Cecilia Andersson is the SGHC October judge. 


I suppose that fits reasonably with the 1 U.K., 1 Scandi, one worldwide judge. 


Last we knew the NSC had not agreed their 2024 judge yet, and did not wish to be involved in the SGHC centenary. Their opinion is that this is an SGHC thing and they were not interested. 


It would be nice if their minds changed, but given the current state of view that Mr Hartley and Mr Owen hold me in, I think that unlikely whilst I am in the committee I’m afraid. 


Best wishes



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On 8 Apr 2022, at 12:43, cranstal31@manx.net wrote:


Hi everyone,


After Anna’s initial phone call, Helen and I got together to try and set out a programme that would make the Centennial Year an ongoing event.   As Kathy has subsequently very kindly offered her support Helen and I thought it might be appropriate to circulate our thoughts to date. 


The schedule is exactly what it says on the packet an ‘Initial Schedule’ and consists of virtually every idea that we have come up with.  (Some of those mentioned are at present unaware of their potential involvement – so please keep this schedule between the five of us for the present!)


The ongoing success of it will all, of course, be dependent upon committed support from both committee and Club members.  Our understanding of the function of the sub committee is that it will be responsible for the organisation/groundwork involved in the set up of the events – and that this will be reported back to the SGHC committee to decide on the best way to run them on the day.


Kindest regards,