Judges List

A vintage photo of two Salukis

For the year JANUARY 1st – DECEMBER 31st 2017.

To apply to be added to the judges list, please download, complete, and return this form:
Judges List Application Form

Roll of Honour List

The Saluki or Gazelle Hound Club wish to acknowledge the considerable contribution to the breed made by the following judges who have decided to retire from active judging:

Mrs T Abbott (Burydown)    T: 01798 867304
Miss M A Blake (Reishan)    T: 01727 826944
Mr R Goodby (Wahiba)    T: 01270213560
Mr H J Kendall (Gulzar) Dorset    T: 01202 855590    email
Mrs P Kendall (Gulzar), Dorset    T: 01202 855590    email
Miss A McIntosh (Cottonore)    T: 01297 35304
Mrs V Stringer (Saluq)    T: 01243 697229
Mrs A Birrell    T: 01435 882502
Mrs JA Davies (Lusaki)    T: 01245 224312
Mr H J Kendall (Gulzar)    T: 01202 855590
Mrs C Ormsby (Yazid)    T: 01798 344692
Mr B D Pether (Askalam)    T: 01752 830445

A1 List

Persons who have previously been approved by the Kennel Club to award CC’s in the breed, have completed their first appointment and have the support of the Saluki or Gazelle Hound Club.

Breed Specialists

Miss A Barret, Manchester    T: 01204 575601    email
Mrs M Bryce-Smith (Saruk), W Sussex    T: 01342 327573    email
Mr N Bryce-Smith (Saruk), W Sussex    T: 01342 327573    email
Mrs J Bullock (Starflight), Staffs.    T: 01785 660948
Mrs R Clark (Rhazias), Devon    T: 01803 524306    email
Mr E Connolly (Minsha), Worcs.    T: 01527 869366    email
Mrs D Copperthwaite (Alcaliphs), Hants.    T: 01264 710791    email
Mrs J Cotterill (Miskanda), Yorks.    T: 01142 401271    email
Mrs P Everton (Kasra), Essex    T: 01799 543383    email
Ms M Evill (Ubu),    T: 01253 730074    email
Mrs K Fisher (Ruweis), Herts.    T: 01279 833855    email
Mrs D Garratt (Caryna), Notts.    T: 01773 719641    email
Mr M Green (Zemar), Beds.    T: 01235 851034    email 
Mrs E J Hudson (Glenoak), Cambs.    T: 01954 230016    email
Dr J A Hudson (Glenoak), Cambs.    T: 01954 230016    email
Mrs J Jaques (Classicus), Cambs.    email
Mrs E A Macdonald (Mabrooka), Scotland    T: 0141 942 1719    email
Mrs J M Macro (Nefisa), Devon    T: 01752 242560    email
Mrs J C Mahon, Suffolk    T: 01440 783000    email
Mrs P Mottershaw (Elangeni), Jersey    T: 01534 862187    email
Mr D Perkins (Pennyworth), Kent    T: 01795 470918    email
Mrs J Pyatt, Cheshire    T: 07768 088499
Miss N Quadling (Malenkhai), Essex    T:020 8590 8457    email
Mrs S Rabey-Wilkinson, Carm.    T: 01269 822568    email
Mrs Z Rawson(Mumtaz), Lincs.    T: 01775 821988
Mrs D Rogers (Labakan), S Yorks.    T: 01302 771143    email
Mrs M Sanders-Parker, Lincs.    T: 01406 258213    email
Ms C Seymour (Ismahni), Oxfordshire    T: 01235 820890    email
Mrs E Shard (Asra), Hants.    T: 02380 614882
Mr P Shimmin(Cranstal), Isle of Man    T: 01624 620715    email
Mrs G Simpson, Gwent    T: 01633 859125    email
Mr A F Spencer-Bolland, Oxfordshire    T: 01295 730789    email
Mrs E S Stanmore (Altaya), Herts.    T: 01462 451179    email
Mr N Stanmore (Altaya), Herts.    T: 01462 451179    email
Ms V E Stephen (Bedu), Suffolk    T: 01728 454859    email
Mrs V-A Tompkins (Sivendra), Co Durham    T: 07901 364723    email
Mr I C Veal (Kharouan), Middlesex    T: 01932 788040    email
Mrs A Walton Haddon (Ilsham),    T: 01909 731565
Mr J Walton Haddon (Ilsham),    T: 01909 731565
Mrs J Watts (Raskasar)    T: 01581 621251
Mrs K Webb, Surrey    T: 01737 353279    email
Mr C M Williams (Kasaque), Berks.    T: 01635 268269    email
Mrs H Williams (Kasaque), Berks.    T: 01635 268269    email
Mrs J Wright (Saklawi), Hants.    T: 01420 588274    email
Mr P J Yardley (Manarah), Carmarthenshire    T: 01550 760206    email 


Non-Specialist Judges

Mr C Ashmore, Lincs.    T: 01427 667490
Ms C Boggia, Kent    T: 07912038891    email
Dr M Boggia Black, Kent    T: 01227 274324
Mr M Caple, Worcs.    T: 01527 544121    email
Mrs C E Cartledge, Berks.    T: 01344 424144
Mr M Cocozza, London    T: 02075 650041
Mrs D Cook, Hants.    T: 01420 86183
Ms J Dove, Berks.    T: 0118 988 3674
Mr G Hill, Vale of Glamorgan    T: 01446 792457
Mr J Horswell, Derbys.    T: 01509 674059
Dr R W James, Cambs.    T:01832 293922
Mr F Kane, Cleveland    T: 01642 485895
Mrs D Kenis-Pordham, W. Sussex    T: 01293 871282
Mrs J Knight-Messenger, Notts.    T: 01949 837507
Mrs A Lancashire, S. Yorks.    T: 01405 812660
Mrs P Marston-Pollock, Cumbria    T: 01697 473606
Miss E Newton, Chesterfield    T:01246 240520    email
Mrs J Pain, Carms.    T: 01550 777605
Mrs J Peak, Lancs.    T: 01772 813232
Mrs V Phillips, Herts.    T: 01442 851225    email
Mrs SA Rawlings, Derbys.    T: 01332519989
Mr B Reynolds-Frost
Mr J Robertson
Mr RAW Searle, S. Yorks.    T: 07771 970589
Mr P Singleton, Essex    T: 01206 514952
Ms D Spavin, W. Midlands    T: 01217 822639
Miss J Startup, Herts.    T: 01462 893714
Mrs Z Thorn-Andrews, Worcs.    T: 01905 820720


Judges from Abroad

Mr B Bengtson, U.S.A.    email
Mr G Bodegard
Ms L Brabyn, U.S.A.   T: +1 415 6522223    email
Mr F Broadway, U.S.A.
Ms L Brun,    T: +47 410 71565    email
Mrs C Chryssolor (Anasazi), U.S.A.    T: +1 830 3364277    email
Mr R Doedjins, Netherlands    email
Mr B Duggan, U.S.A.    T: +1 209 6320701
Mr E Engh, Norway    T: +47 32 855253
Mr F Farrar, U.S.A.    T: +1513 316 1737
Mrs M Finney, Ireland    email
Mrs T Fortner-Jackson, U.S.A.    T: +1 281 6819458
Mr A Gjetnes
Mrs H Graham, France    email
Mr D G Graham, France    email
Mrs K Hedberg, Sweden    T: +46 8 446 2122    email
Ms D Hintzenberg-Freisleben, Germany     T: +49 2588221
Mrs S Hohteri, Finland    T: +358 9 323098    email
Mr P Iversen, Norway    T: +47 22 280284
Ms S Juutilainen, Finland    T: +358 9 8723242    email
Mrs S Kinney (Issibaa), U.S.A.    email
Mrs Ute Lennartz, Germany    T: +8464 602004    email
Mrs C Molinari, Portugal    T: +351 1 469 0276
Mr K Prior, Australia   T: 00 61 59 982400
Ms S Sakson, U.S.A.    T: 609 737 6879
Mrs L Scanlon, U.S.A.   email
Mrs C Smith, Australia   T: 1295 436968    email
Mr E Stansfield, Australia    email
Mrs D Stansfield (Ishieya), Australia    email
Ms C Tipler, New Zealand
Mrs R van Michelen-Reyniers, Belgium    email
Mrs B E Wilton-Clark, Tenerife

A2 List

For persons who fulfil all the requirements for the A3 list, who have been assessed in accordance with Kennel Club requirements and accepted by the Kennel Club for inclusion on an A2 list, and have the support of the Saluki or Gazelle Hound Club.



A3 List

Persons who are recommended by the Saluki or Gazelle Hound Club as being suitable to award CC’s in the breed but who have not yet done so.

Breed Specialists

Mrs S Bounds (Alsahra), Bucks.    T: 01753 645495    email
Mrs DD Derfield( Zardek), W Sussex    T: 01243 830976
Mrs AM King (Adhari), Cornwall    T: 01209 718087    email


Non-Specialist Judges

Mr D Cavill, Wilts.    T: 01225 752551    email
Mrs J Cross, Somerset    email
Mr D McMillan,    T: 01273 589219     email
Miss E Newton, Chesterfield     T: 01246 240520    email
Mr C Payne, Sussex    T: 01323 482290
Mrs P M Wells, E. Yorks.    T: 01964 542744    email


Judges from Abroad

Mr B Barjot, France    T: + 33 (0)1 48 72 12 87 email
Ms S Benoit (Har Kala Rachi)    email
Mrs E Brown, Australia     T: +61732085222    email
Mr W Buitenkamp, Netherlands    email
Ms T Larkin-Cox, U.S.A.    email
Mr R Lindholm, Sweden     email
Mrs M Manley Smith, Australia    email
Mr D R Miller, U.S.A.       email
Ms C J Potts, Australia    T: +618 8522 6482    email
Ms G Schroeter, Germany    email
Mrs M Stoner, U.S.A.    email
Mrs C Tipler, New Zealand    email
Mr A van den Broek, The Netherlands
Mr S Wailes, Australia    email


B List

Persons who have been approved by the Saluki or Gazelle Hound Club to judge at Shows without CC’s, or at Open Shows.

Breed Specialists

Ms C Anderson, Berks.    T: 01344 886534    email
Mrs R Dann, Powys    T: 01938 810919    email
Mrs L Fitzgerald (Dawnchase)    T: 02380 870476    email
Mrs A Jackson-Main, Cambs.    T: 07717 724257    email
Mr C Lewis (Knightellington), Cheshire    T: 01270 811070    email
Mrs C McCormick Smith, Dorset    T: 01305 824133    email
Mr E T McCrory (Khabura), Pembrokeshire    T: 01348 840174     email
Mrs E Rushton, Herts.    T: 01442 211684 email


Non-Specialist Judges

Mrs B Banbury, Surrey
Mr P Broadbent, Leeds    T: 01132 394510     email
Miss S Finnett, Surrey    T: 01293 771819      email
Mr H Heathcote, Surrey    T: 01293 771819     email
Mrs B Henry, Lancs.    T: 01706 853892
Mrs M Holder, Kent    email
Mrs E McKnight, nr Lanark
Ms E Millward, Sheffield    T: 0114247056     email
Mrs MFJ Pascoe, Hants.    T: 01489 574483    email
Mrs J Reader, Essex    T: 01375 851760    email
Ms S Rhodes, Kent     email
Mrs J Robin Smith, Somerset
Ms D Russell, E. Sussex     email
Mr M. Sanders    email
Mr C Wells, E. Yorks.    T: 01964 542744     email
Mrs P Wild, Derby    T: 01332 510152


C List

Persons who aspire to judge the breed and have the support of the Saluki or Gazelle Hound Club, but who do not qualify for the B or higher lists.

Breed Specialists

Mr R Heap, Kircudbright    T: 01557 500688
Mrs A Ireson, Oxfordshire    T: 07932 961738    email
Mr P Jackson-Main, Cambs.    T: 07717 724257    email
Ms C Jowitt, Sussex    T:01424 755158    email
Mr L Johnston, Tyne & Wear    T: 01915 841499    email
Mrs D Layton-Smith, Cornwall    T:01208 72927    email
Ms M Monk-Schenk, Middx.    T: 01895 255341    email
Dr P Postma, Essex    T: 07899 813780    email
Ms K Smith, Fife    email
Mrs M Smithson (Chisobee), Dyfed    T: 01269 871647    email

Non-Specialist Judges

Mrs L Aldous, E. Sussex    T: 01424 217796     email
Mr S Atkinson, Lancs.
Mrs P Blay, Kent    T:01303 264446    mail
Mr S Burton, Eastbourne    T: 01323 484379
Mrs D Diamond, Somerset    T: 01278 425268     email
Ms N Denny    email
Mrs M Fairburn, E. Sussex
Mrs S Hewart-Chambers, Shropshire    T: 01691 658368
Mr J Johnston-White, London    T: 020 8853 3197    email
Mr C Pascoe, Hants.   T: 01489 574483     email
Mrs S Steele Flintshire    T: 01352 719557    email
Mrs S M Virgo, Yorks.    T: 01915 841499    email
Mr S Wilberg, Wilts.
Ms R Wray (Perrault),    T: 01457 860266    email