The Saluki Ad spread

Update from the editors July 22

The Magazine Team are currently working on the next edition of The Saluki which will be available at SGHC Championship Show in October 2022.  An integral part of The Saluki magazines over the years has been adverts featuring a variety of Saluki life events plus successes in various disciplines.

All adverts will be very welcome for the next edition but those that are required in the first instance are the ‘Insert’ adverts which are on offer for all of those awarded first and second places at SGHC Championship Show 2021/Limit Show 2022/Open Show 2022. 

Over the years the Insert Photos have formed an integral part of the  presentation of critiques, plus a pictorial record of Saluki successes at SGHC Club Shows. It is our hope that as many exhibitors as possible will wish to continue this tradition. However because they form part of the editorial process – in order to ensure your pictures are featured – critique photos are needed as soon as possible.

Advertising rates are as follows:  

  • Back Cover: £80
  • Inside Front cover & inside Back cover: £65
  • Whole Page: £65
  • New Champion – fixed layout: £60
  • Half Page: £37
  • Show Critique Insert Photo: £10

These rates include all layout work for the advert.  Deadlines are 30 August 2022 for Show Critique Insert photos and 5 September 2022 for all other adverts.  We would be grateful if anyone with specific advertising requests could contact the Magazine editors as soon as possible as the fairest way forward is on a ‘first come – first served’ basis. 

Email or for more information.