From: Kathy Webb <>
Subject: [Virus Error] Reply to committee email
Date: 14 April 2024 at 22:54:00 BST
To: SGHC Secretary <>
To the SGHC Committee
I was exceedingly disappointed with the tone of the committee’s reply to my email expressing genuine concern over decisions taken in respect of certain aspects of The Celebration of The Saluki evening event.
It is in print – in Our Dogs Breed Notes – that there were telephone bids when ‘The Auction’ was in progress.  Also after the closure of the Club Auction in January – at  no stage were all the membership given a list of the specific items that remained  – to be made available in an Auction at ‘The Celebration of The Saluki’.  A proposed event which – as at 18th January – the general membership would have been totally unaware.
However, most significantly, there was never a telephone number published – or internet connection made available – to allow contact with the event.  This information would have permitted the general membership (in excess of 150 people) the opportunity of bidding should they wish on the night.  These are indisputable facts which leave absolutely no doubt that the membership was disenfranchised in respect of the Auction. Held at an event that eventually 17 people attended plus the speaker.
Your comment that ‘All members were notified of, and had the opportunity to attend the event’.  Is also open to dispute.  An incredibly short notification period was given for an event that was scheduled in the middle of a Bank Holiday weekend.  The support alone speaks volumes for the fact that either the membership was not interested – or genuinely could not attend because of prior engagements.
I was also misinformed when told there had only been one nomination after I queried why The Saluki of The Year on line nominations had not resulted in a list of salukis to be voted on by the members.  Subsequently it turned out that there had been two nominators from committee and seven from the membership – making a total of 9.  More than half the number who attended The Celebration of The Saluki.  It would appear, from the these facts that input from the membership was not viewed of any significance.
I think that the email that I received has unfortunately made a nonsense of the statement in the final paragraph that ‘we are always open to consider reasonable complaints’.  Although I have to admit that I do not view my emails as containing ‘reasonable complaints’. All correspondence referred to totally justified concerns over the way in which the membership has been disadvantaged by committee decisions. And emails in the plural were necessitated by the fact that, on most occasions, my questions  were not answered.  
I look forward to receiving an immediate apology – which I am most certainly due – from The Saluki or Gazelle Hound Committee.  I raised justified concerns which contained accurate statements.  These should have been discussed and addressed.
Kathy Webb
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On 13 Apr 2024, at 13:52, SGHC Secretary <> wrote:

Dear Kathy,


In response to your email of 28th March, Michelle responded same day. You then sent a further email on the matter to John Davies on the same subject on 3rd April. Again, John responded same day.
On 4th April you sent a further email to John which he promised to refer to committee on 11th April. 
Committee discussed this latest email and are very concerned to note your comment “Was Chris Ormsby told the historic memorabilia she donated be auctioned and bids taken by the 17 people present…..I think not! It is very unfortunate that the committee has disenfranchised the majority of the SGHC membership from this event.”
Firstly, Chris Ormsby was fully consulted by committee regarding the auction. Your comment “I think not” is inaccurate and completely disrespectful of committee. Your comment that the majority of the membership was disenfranchised is, again, completely incorrect. A number of items, including some which were kindly donated by Chris Ormsby, were made available to members in an online auction via Facebook and promoted on the Club’s website. This auction began on 26 November and was extended through to 18 January when some of the items listed did not meet their reserves. At that point, it was decided that these items would be made available on a further occasion to members attending the centenary event on 30 March. All members were notified of, and had the opportunity to attend the event. It was always absolutely clear on our adverts that the auction would take place at the event. 
We are always open to consider reasonable complaints, but would ask you to desist from complaining in such a persistent and inaccurate manner about matters which are genuine committee decisions, taken democratically in the best interests of the club and its members.
Yours sincerely
The SGHC Committee
On 12 Apr 2024, at 21:40, Kathy Webb <> wrote:
Hi Michelle,

I attach my email of 28th March, I would like to immediately bring your notice to the second paragraph. 
I am most upset to read in Helen Williams’ breed notes of today that a telephone bid was taken for one or more of the items donated by Chris Ormsby that featured in the auction on 30th March. As none of the items were listed on either of the SGHC’s media sites, I must presume it was a committee member that made the bids as it was only the officers and committee who were privy to the items being offered for auction. Once again the members are being compromised by this action. 
Having asked the question, you have totally dismissed my request not only disenfranchising me but many others from the Club’s auction which could have raised a lot more than £500.00, when only 17 attendees to the Easter event and one other were able to bid. 
I will be sending a copy of this email to a number of members who I know would have liked to have known what was being auctioned and most certainly put in bids. I want other members to realise the committee is not acting in the best interest of ALL its members. The RKC will also be notified of yet another disenfranchisement of the SGHC’s members.
Kind regards,
From: Kathy Webb <>
Date: 28 March 2024 at 14:13:09 GMT
To: SGHC Secretary <>
Subject: Re: Members Choice Voting Papers

Hi Michelle,

I am surprised to hear you only received one set of nominations from outside committee as I know of 4 people including myself who nominated via the SGHC website…….it obviously wasn’t working!

What is the Club doing with the auction, will the items be advised on the FB page and will you be taking on line or telephone bids. It is in the SGHC’s best interest to obtain as much for these historical items donated by Chris Ormsby.

Best wishes,


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