Special General Meeting - 27th May 2017

The SGM made necessary by the resignations at the AGM, or shortly after, rendering the committee inquorate took place on 27th May. The meeting to elect new interim officers and committee members to serve to the next AGM was chaired by an independent chairman, who was accepted by the floor. This resulted in the Treasurer and Secretary's roles being filled, and the election of 6 new committee members – a welcome increase in support and help.

Don Everton, agreed to extend the Acting Treasurer role he took on following the resignation of the Treasurer Elect at the AGM. He is therefore now Acting Treasurer until the next AGM.

David Steel was appointed to the role of Secretary on an interim basis until the next AGM. Consequently, he resigns his role as Ordinary Committee Member, in line with club rules.

The six new committee members elected at the SGM who will now serve until the next AGM are:

Cecilia Andersson
Marie Bryce-Smith
Pip Buswell
Martin Green
Elaine Stanmore
Peter Yardley

Overall, with Kathy Webb who was already in post, this means the SGHC Committee now stands at 9 members, the largest the club has had in a number years.

At the inaugural meeting of the new committee Kathy Webb was elected as Chairman of Committee. Alongside some basic housekeeping, several focus areas to move the club forward following the recent issues were also identified. These will be developed over the next weeks, and discussed in more detail at the first full committee meeting.